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We are a 'not for profit' organisation that uses the money we raise to help promote Herne Bay Town Centre for the mutual benefit of residents and businesses.


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Please note it is our policy only to provide free listings to Kent businesses who are in Herne Bay or are very local to Herne Bay and are already advertsing in the area. For quality purposes we do not accept every free-entry request we receive. All free listings are given at the discretion of Herne Bay Town Partner management and no correspondance will be entered into.


We do accept some paid-for inclusions for businesses outside of Herne Bay that wish to advertise to our audience, however these listings are limited in number and each one is assessed on an individual basis. Members of either the Herne Bay Town Centre Partnership or Herne Bay Chamer of Commerce have their listings automatically promoted to an 'enhanced' status (i.e listings will appear at the top of our search results pages).


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